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VSee Tip #6 – Deleting Contacts

To delete a contact from your VSee address book, move the cursor arrow over the contact’s name until it is highlighted and right-click. Select “Delete Contact” from the menu that appears.

VSee delete contact

 In fact, you can delete an entire group in the same way, by simply right-clicking on the highlighted group.VSee delete group

* Note: the Invite Friends to VSee group can not be deleted and will always appear at the bottom of your VSee address book. You can hide this list of potential contacts by clicking on the gray triangle to the left of the group.

VSee hide contact list

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VSee Tip #4 – Setting Your Status

Your VSee status tells other people how available you are for a video chat. VSee has four possible status indicators:

VSee status presence

  • green with white clock hands – Online but inactive at least 5 min.
  • green – Available
  • red – In a call
  • white – Offline or invisible

You can purposely change your status by clicking on your login name and selecting the status you want.

*Note: People can still call you even if you are busy or invisible!

vsee status menu

Currently, VSee has no way to set a custom message.


VSee Tip #2 – Audio Only Mode

VSee mute video

It’s easy to “mute” your VSee video for an audio-only conference.  Open your self-view video window and click on the webcam icon on the bottom left of your the window. If you mute the window during a call, the “muted” video setting will be saved for the next time you make a call.

Some reasons you may not want to show your video:

  • poor network connectivity – turning off your video reduces the bandwidth used in a call
  • privacy – you need to grab something from the next room and don’t want any virtual snooping happening while you’re gone
  • unforeseen issues – a giant bug is crawling over your webcam (btw, this really happened to me during a video call) or maybe you’re just having a really bad hair day.

VSee Tip #1 – Shortcuts for Arranging Your Video Windows

VSee video chat window shortcuts

Unlike most video conference services, VSee gives you tons of control over how you want to display your video windows. Click on the icon with the four tiles in the top right corner of your video window for the “Arrange Video Windows” menu (pictured above).  Better yet, try these easy shortcuts to quickly arrange your windows just the way you want.

Make video windows bigger and smaller

  • CTRL + plus key (+)  to make video bigger
  • CTRL + minus key (-)  to make video smaller

Line up video windows along one side of your screen

  • CTRL + [Arrow Keys] in the direction you want the windows to align
    • CTRL + ←   to tile left
    • CTRL + ↑   to tile top
    • CTRL + →   to tile right
    • CTRL + ↓   to tile bottom

Any window adjustments you make are automatically saved for your next call.

Save a video windows layout

You can also save a particular window order or window layout that you like to use, such as for recurring meetings. Please note that the saved layout will only apply to calls with the same number of callers as the original saved layout. Here is a quick video tutorial on how the save a video windows layout.

*Mac users should substitute CMD (⌘) key in place of CTRL, like this:

  • CMD(⌘) + plus key (+) to make video bigger
  • CMD(⌘) + minus key (-) to make video smaller
  • etc., etc.

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VSee Tip #3 – What Do the Colored Bars on a Caller’s Window Mean?

VSee tutorial - network barsThe bars on the bottom right of a caller’s video window show you the strength of the network or connection between you and the caller.

  • Green (strong) – great audio and video
  • Yellow  (medium) – possibility of some audio and video interruptions
  • Red  (weak) – likely to have audio and video interruptions

If you have a weak connection and your call keeps breaking up, you can try one of the following to improve the call:

  • Lower the screen resolution – Go to the bottom right of your video window, click gear icon –> video settings –> resolution
  • Decrease the frame rate – Go to the bottom right of your video window, click gear icon –> video settings –> frame rate
  • Completely mute your video – Go to the bottom left of your video window, click the video camera icon

VSee tips video settings menu

If you need more help, contact customer support or sign up for a live VSee webinar help session.

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