What others say about VSee

"We use to conduct video conference sessions for medical care, mental health treatment, and substance abuse counseling. We value VSee's security, and our patients appreciate the confidentiality."
James Heller, Tarzana Treatment Centers
"My customers need security and simplicity. Unlike Cisco, WebEx, or GotoMeeting, VSee lets me securely connect no matter where I am in the world."
Rob Wall, CEO of Perceptix
"VSee high definition video and instant application sharing makes our distributed team more social and productive."
Dazhi Chen, CEO of Relevant
"We need virtualized presence, global teamwork, and remote operations. VSee's low-bandwidth, secure, multipoint connectivity is the only answer."
Tim O'Gorman, CSO of Synovision
"Compared to Skype, VSee is more powerful and simpler to use. I got my first call going within 2 minutes. The video is amazing."
Matthew Tillotson, Scalar Partners
"Visual presence is critical for trust building in distributed teams. VSee fuels the innovation and teamwork via a one-click seamless experience."
Prof. Fruchter, Stanford University
"When visiting refugee camps in the most remote places around the world, VSee provides great audio and video every time."
Greg Millar, UNHCR
"I love the speed and simplicity of VSee's user interface: one click application sharing, one drag to transfer a file, and one click video conferencing."
Paul Gierow, CEO of GATR
"Beyond Lucid Technologies runs a 'virtual office.' We serve EMS and First Responders, who not only often live and work in far-flung locales, but also work in a fundamentally 24-hour business. Before we discovered VSee - and its charismatic founder, Milton - we faced a perpetual challenge of trying to coordinate the need to manage our team from a distance, while on the road meeting with potential partner-clients. Existing "e-meeting", offerings were complicated, resource-heavy on our computers, and didn't feel real enough to be productive. <b>VSee is a leap in the right direction.</b> We see nuance; we feel connected, so we're able to have meaningful dialogues without worrying about things like pixelation. We're staunch supporters of Milton and his crew, and look forward to sampling VSee's continued innovations as soon as they're released."
Jonathon Feit, Beyond Lucid Technologies
"VSee has filled the communication gap between our office and our remote employees allowing for a more personal experience."
Todd Lay, Taylor Engineering
"VSee HD group video chat cuts to chase for content creators and artists. Pulling a team together from around the globe to do an impromptu secured session is immediate. Instant desktop collaboration is perfect for artist helping each other out. With the new freemium pricing this will be a hit with the content creation industry."
Richard Chuang, CEO of Cloudpic - A technology company to capture the creativity of the next generation of talents in the new world of distributed digital content creation and multi-channel deliveries.
"Unlike Cisco, VSee lets me get my work done-fast, simple, and with a beautiful user interface."
Adm Denny Wisely, Blue Angels Association
"I travel 90% of the time. Unlike Cisco, VSee lets me connect to my customers no matter where I am. The video is stunning even over 3G."
Dan Engle, CEO of AccessAgility
"We use video where security, performance, and ease of use are absolute requirements. VSee is unmatched by any other tool on the market."
Michael Helfrich, CEO of Blueforce Development Corporation
"After hours of dropped Skype calls from Afghanistan, we gave up. With VSee - one click, and it worked every single time."
Kim Guevara, Apex Performance Strategies
"VSee is the next big breakthrough for online sales presentations! I love the smooth video, rapid screen sharing, easy window to window file sharing, and a recording function that has great audio/video synchronisation. VSee has the potential to change the way salespeople build strong trust and educate customers in the sales cycle."
Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of SalesOpShop - An online tool to help sales and marketing leaders and sales operations managers collaborate.
"Sending high-quality video over mobile networks is extremely challenging. Low bitrates and packet loss bring most video solutions to their knees. VSee has deep expertise in this area, and it shows. We recommend VSee for any customer who requires reliable video performance over mobile networks."
Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP
"Tarzana Treatment Centers has used VSee to conduct video conference sessions for medical care, mental health treatment, and substance abuse counseling. We value the security that VSee provides, and our patients appreciate the confidentiality. Training our providers is simple as well, since it is so easy to use."
James Heller, Tarzana Treatment Centers
"VSee is a tool that will save a police officer's life."
Robert Then, E. Adams, Police Chief