VSee Release 703!

VSee version 703 was released Sunday, July 3, 2011.  Make sure you’re updated with our latest and most robust version of VSee yet! Then tell us how our most recent release is working for you 🙂
What’s new?

One-Click Collaboration- contact us if you’re interested in getting One-Click for your web portal or application.

What’s fixed or improved?

  • Problems reconnecting dropped calls even if both parties are online
  • Problems with poor audio or no audio
  • Better call quality in meetings with more than 3 people or when using a low-bandwidth network.
  • Problems connecting to VSee for those in large companies.
  • Problems getting video when attaching an extra camera, after hibernation…

The More Technical Version:

  1. One-Click Collaboration
  2. New call state machine (more reliable calling in a wide variety of scenarios)
  3. New audio mixing and rendering engine
    1. Less audio-related CPU usage issues
    2. No more DirectSound errors
    3. More robust audio playback
  4. Better adaptation of call quality based on available bandwidth
    1. More accurate bandwidth measurement
    2. Major improvements to Automatic Quality Control
    3. Smoother video quality transitions
    4. Avoid audio breakups when sharing an application
  5. Symmetric NAT traversal (enables direct calls over more router types)
  6. Improved video robustness and performance
    1. Default target frame rate increased to 15fps (smoother video)
    2. Allow adding newly attached auxiliary camera
    3. Fix all known causes of the “black video” issue
    4. Fix not releasing camera on minimize
    5. Fix “Video – no camera” message even though camera is attached
    6. Fix loss of local video after laptop sleep/wakeup
  7. Improved product robustness through numerous crash fixes
  8. Improved rendering of address book search results
  9. Revamped Statistics window
  10. Numerous other bugfixes and improvements

Remember we want to hear from you how our product is working out for you!

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