Videoconferencing Competitors List

Here is a list of all of the other video conferencing providers we have found.

Adobe Connect “Universal Voice: Enabling audio integration regardless of platform”

Avistar “Integrated applications for unified collaboration”

BoostCam “We provide free, instant, and disposable two-way video conferencing. It’s simple, fun, and doesn’t require installing any plugins, and most importantly of all, it’s FREE!

Clearsea “Video conferencing made easy”

#1 Chat Avenue “Web’s Largest Chat Site”

Cisco Unified Meeting Place “Enhance Productivity with Virtual Meetings”

Conference Group “Global. Experienced. Customized.”

DimDim “Web Conferencing That Just Works”


Elluminate “Where Bright Ideas Meet”


GatherPlace “Effective Remote Communications”


Glance “Desktop Sharing With One Click”

Google Video Chat

GoToMeeting “Online Meetings Made Easy”

HearMe “Affordable Video Conferencing High Quality Video and Voice”

HooYou Mmeeting “Online Meeting Connects the World”

HP SkyRoom “The visual sharing power to work from wherever you have network access”

IBM SameTime “Your onramp to unified communications and collaboration”


ilinc “Web & Video Conferencing”


iocom “….limitless visual communications…”

InterCall “Beyond Meeting Expectations”

IspQ “Video Chat and Cam Community”

InstantPresenter “Your Complete Web Conferencing Solution”

iVisit “Meet Anywhere, Anytime for FREE”

Logitech – Lifesize

Logitech – SightSpeed


MegaMeeting “Video & Web Conferencing For ALL Of Us”

Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Communicator


Netviewer Meet

ooVoo “Amazingly simple crystal clear video chat”

Palbee “World has never been smaller!”


Persony “Cost-effective Private Label Web/Video Conferencing”

Polycom PVX

Radvision SCOPIA “Delivering the Visual Experience”

Saba Centra “The People Management Solution”

Skype “Say, Hi World!” — You might also be interested to read our article here: VSee – Free Alternative to Skype Video Conference – Comparison

SnapYap “Instant Video Calling and Video Messaging”

Stickam “The live community”

Tandberg Movi “See: performance”



Vawkr “Instant group video chat that you can paste anywhere”

VeaMea “A Fresh Way To Communicate and Collaborate”

Vidivic “Your partner in web conferencing”

Vidsoft “Increase Productivity. Save Time and Money”

Vidyo “Personal Telepresence” — You might also be interested to read our article here: VSee – Free Alternative to Vidyo Telepresence Business Video Conference – Comparison

ViVu “Better than being there”

VTEL Ipanel “All-In-One Room System”

Vyew “Share Your View”


Wormhole Web Conference “Easy, Fast and Affordable Web Conferencing”

Wimba “people teach people”

WorldVuer “Touch the world”


Zorap “Hang out and enjoy”

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  • admin
    Rich Griffin says:

    Wow – it’s amazing to me how many of these I’ve tried before! Most don’t make the cut. BTW, VidSoft is what “powers” Logitech’s LifeSize Desktop software. There are more apps than you’ve listed.

    A few more are:
    BNI solutions’ IPContact 9.00.020 (H.323)
    Mirial Softphone (H.323 & SIP)
    Emblaze-VCON, vPointHD 10.x (H.323 & SIP)
    Strius, Visiokontakt 2 (proprietary)
    Appia, Applause (proprietary)
    PacPhone (H.323)
    IOCOM, Vismeet (proprietary)
    VIACK, VIA3 (proprietary)

  • admin
    Colleen says:

    Thanks Rich! I will look into these and add the to the list. 🙂

  • admin
    Amalia Craig says:

    Initially you will want to set up your device while your PC is online and you are logged in to your skype account. Yes your assumption is correct. For cable modem plug in the device to router and the router to modem. If you have DSL modem which virtually invariably have got router built in, many too have a 4 port switch built in. In this case connect the device to an ethernet switch and then to the dsl modem. If your modem accepts a switch connect direct to it.

  • admin
    BrainTiller says:

    Nice listing but you have missed out RHUB TurboMeeting appliance which I am using in my office currently. It’s a one-time fee product and they are easy to install, convenient to use, fast in operation, allow for greater remote control with advanced features.

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