VSee Version 421 Released

Just before the weekend, we released  This version has many significant enhancements over 104 and 1201, which I’d like to go over with you here.

First, 421 has a completely refurbished video pipeline, making it more robust, consuming even less bandwidth than before, and with a higher quality of video.  We have also improved the support for 640×480 (480p) video at 30 frames per second.  If you’ve got a good CPU and network you might give that a look.  (For day-to-day applications, we still recommend 320×240.)

We now support any number of auxiliary cameras, all with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) controls.

Although most cameras played nice with earlier versions, a couple (brand names withheld to protect the innocent) were known to cause spikes in bandwidth usage.  421 has fixed the bandwidth issues for those brands.  In addition, 421 now supports unusual video formats.

Two nice functionality enhancements we’ve added are a chat history so you can pick up a chat conversation from where it left off, and set auto-answer to specific users so you can prevent accidentally picking up unwanted conversations!

Power users will appreciate that we now allow you to choose which monitor you share when sharing a desktop in a multi-monitor system.  You may also transfer files even while they’re still open.

For those with server installations, your IT department will appreciate that you can now import users in bulk, give administrators the ability to search for other users, and have SSL remote access to the Admin UI.

If you haven’t yet tried the new version, you can update in two ways:  1) Make sure aut0matic update is on.  To do this, right-click on the VSee icon in the system tray.  Then select “Automatically update program” in Options.  Exit and restart VSee.  OR 2) Uninstall VSee, then download and run the new version from our homepage.

I’ve only pointed out the most noticeable changes in this post.  A lot of other improvements were made that are just as important but that you may not notice.  For a more thorough  list of changes, please see our forum announcement.

One final note:  With this version, we’re testing support for 720p HD.  It’s not yet available for the general public, but we thought the general public would like to know it’s coming.  🙂

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