Monday Mishmash: VSee, HP, Telework

 width=A VSee Visit

I was lucky enough to be in the VSee office last Friday (I’m usually remote) for an exciting engineering team show-and-tell.  It’s killing me not to share, but let’s just say that the hours upon hours of hard work the engineers have been putting in are really beginning to pay off:  Mac VSee beta is looking really impressive, user interaction group is doing some nice things to make VSee even more accessible to first-time users, and in general VSee is getting closer to its goal of “it just works.”  I also have to give a special “hurrah” toContinue Reading…

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  • Rich Griffin says:

    So anxious to see what VSee releases next! If you ever need a beta tester I love playing with bleeding-edge builds!

  • anne says:

    You have more patience than I do, Rich. I just want it to work!
    Btw, did you ever get to try out an HP Touchpad? I hear they’re going like hotcakes now they will be no more.

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