Alert! You Have Too Many Unread E-mails


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E-mail has never been a priority for me.  My husband, on the other hand, is always very diligent about checking his e-mail daily for important information.  I go through phases when I’m very responsive and phases when I forget it exists.   However, since becoming a remote worker, electronic communication has become my very life’s blood, and I try my best to be more electronically communicative and responsible, but it can be overwhelming.  Recently, I checked out Julie Morgenstern’s book Never Check E-mail In The Morning and was inspired by her e-mail management advice.  It made me realize that very few of us are trained to use e-mail effectively.

Some Interesting E-mailing Statistics 

Fact #1 Whether you’re someone who sends out over 20 e-mails a day or 5 e-mails a day, it turns out that the time people spend on e-mail is between 30-90 minutes each day.*

Fact #2 In a 2003 study of a Fortune 500 company, it took a worker an average of 1 minute and 44 seconds to react to an e-mail alert–that is, to open the e-mail program and to interact with it (read, compose, reply, forward).

Fact #3 In that same study, it took an average of 64 seconds toContinue Reading…

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