Married To Your Car Or Your Spouse?

 width=I recently talked to someone with a friend who had a 3-hour daily commute (1-way) from Richmond to Washington, D.C.  The job had moved, and he had to show up to the D.C. office every day or lose his retirement benefits.  It’s a tough call to make, especially if retirement wasn’t too far away.  Clearly, he didn’t want to leave his job, but moving closer to the D.C. area apparently wasn’t an option either.  It probably meant uprooting his family, leaving friends and community, and more importantly, it probably meant more expensive housing and a higher cost of living.

When It’s Worth Commuting

It turns out, according to this Investopedia article, that the number one reason people are willing to go to such extremes in commuting is becauseContinue Reading…

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  • anne
    Mark says:

    I would go a ride if it gets me to a better working environment. One thing that is lacking in remote work is interaction with your colleagues. However, my house is just a 15-minute drive from office, so that’s totally different from driving for hours.

  • anne
    anne says:

    It looks like the get-to-work limit is just around 35 minutes for most people. According to the U.S. Census Bureaus, 73% of Americans spend 34 minutes or less traveling to work.

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