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Remote vs. On-Site Time Perception

I read this very interesting article on GigaOm last month and have been digesting it ever since.  Although I don’t necessarily think remote workers are any more (or less) productive than on-site workers, Ms. Laidlaw makes a fantastic point about the productivity mindset of remote workers.  Any company that has avoided hiring remote workers should take it into consideration.

First, though, the traditional reasons to hire remotely:

Less overhead.
Can hire best qualified, not best located.
May have lower salary requirements based on cost-of-living.
Video collaboration bridges final communication gap.
Better for the planet.

Next, traditional reasons against:

Lack of oversight.
Lack of teamwork.

Although a remote worker myself, I think I have a great relationship with my team…and of course half of them are remote, too!  As for oversight, rather than cite my own experiences, let me expound on Laidlaw’s reason this isn’t an issue:  Perception of Time (paraphrase)

She, a remote worker, had to work onsite at a client’s one day a week.  Quoting herContinue Reading…