A Great Customer Service Experience Can Be One Click Away

Summary:  An example of how a one-click Skype call improved my customer service experience, and how a VSee video call with screen-share could make it even better.

Yesterday afternoon, after discovering that my tires had been slashed, I was online trying to figure out if my insurance policy would cover the damage. (Yes, BIG, annoying bummer, but fortunately I telework!).  I wasn’t having much luck because they wanted me to get an account online first, which I really didn’t want at that point.

Well, lo and behold, I noticed this little link that said something like “Click me for a free Skype call.”  I’ve seen plenty of live chat links for customer service (which have mostly been lousy experiences for me), but this was the first time I had seen a free Skype call.    Feeling rather like the curious Alice-in-Wonderland, I decided to click it.  After all, it was easier than looking up and dialing a phone number, and it would save me some cell phone minutes.

The first click didn’t automatically connect me, but pulled up my Skype account.  The second click started up my call, which immediately went to an automated menu system.  I had a split second of panic before I found the virtual keypad for punching in my number choice, which immediately got me to a live representative.  He was great–sympathized with my situation, explained to me that I needed to file a claim, and then got my information to get it started it for me.  It was very smooth and painless…much, much better than a live chat and even less effort than a phone call.

I suspect my insurance company understands the importance of being able to see customer service reps because it has gone way out of its way to hire and train people who are really good at conveying warmth and caring through the phone with only their voices (I mean these people could be voice actors!)   The thing is most companies aren’t going out of their way to train that kind of customer service rep, and that’s where a video call could make a difference.

Besides how much cooler would it be if I could also see the customer representative and then visually check to make sure that all the information he or she filled in was correct!  That’s the kind of thing that VSee with its secure video call and screen-sharing capabilities makes possible!



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  • anne
    Rich Griffin says:

    Once, while presenting at an Internet2 conference, I set up one of the computers with VSee and added the ID of one of our IPTV technicians back in Ohio. The Ohio-based VSee computer was set to auto-answer so that if the technician walked away from his machine we could yell and either he or the person in the neighboring cubicle could get him (inelegant perhaps, but it worked.)

    The idea was to have immediate access to our technical team for anyone with questions beyond what I could answer. The other, and just as important, reason was to convey a quality of personal support that is only implied in a service-level agreement document or a sales pitch.

    I have, for a few years now, had a VSee “click-to-call” link in my email signature. If my intended caller doesn’t yet have VSee installed, the link logic prompts them to do so first. I have had many VSee meetings that way and always ask the callers what they thought of the experience. I am used to being laughingly told that they hesitated or took time to check a mirror, etc. More often than not, I’m told (in different ways) of how more potent the call was – in both information conveyed and impressions made.

    The One-Click Collaboration feature for web or portal pages (https://vsee.com/?p=2343) will remove another barrier of usage and greatly enhance the immediacy and quality of customer service. Fill out this form –> https://vsee.com/contactsales to find out how you can integrate your own staff personnel on customer-facing web pages.

  • anne
    anne says:

    Rich, that’s a hilarious, but great point about people feeling like they need to “primp” before a video chat. The issue did cross my mind as I called my insurance company in my P.J.s., and I concluded that even one-way video chat is useful. Even if I don’t want the rep to see me, it still helps that I can see him or her.

  • anne
    Holly Toungate says:

    I have VSee on my ipad and I’ve followed all the instructions and have done the test calls yet I cannot get the audio portion of the calls to work. I appreciate some help.

  • anne
    anne says:

    Please send support questions to support@vsee.com for assistance.

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