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My dad’s a lawyer.

Yes, we’ve heard all the jokes.  Heck, I like to tell them.  But I’m proud to say he’s one of the good ones.

He’s also a good example of what I was writing about at the end of last week.  You know—that Hillary’s speech is a giant sign that WESTERN SOCIETY HAS EMBRACED TECH…passed from generation to generation backwards, with the young passing it upwards.  Heck, my mother-in-law just sent her very first email about two weeks ago.

Back to Dad.  Knowing now that I’m at VSee has gotten him excited.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  He likes gadgets.  Soon after I got my netbook and he was able to see how easily I could travel with my work, he had one as well.  But he also needed a Logitech Harmony remote to take care of turning on the TV due to the confusion of receivers, DVD players, cable boxes, etc.  Regardless, as soon as I told him the full functionality of our particular product, his eyes lit up.

He and Mom came visiting this weekend and part of today.  He hadn’t yet downloaded VSee because he wanted me to demo it for him…and he still had some laywering to do first.  Well, he had his Asus Eee PC out on my coffee table and his cell phone to his ear and he was working away like a madman.  And that’s when I heard:

“Yeah.  I’d like to show you that.  It’s downloading now.  Okay, page 8?  Down here…”  (Well, something like that.)

I snickered because that phone was pushed to his ear by one hand; he’s manipulating his computer and whatever document was emailed with the other.  Papers were strewn about the desk as he’d grab documents to compare with whatever was on the other end.  And I thought, “He could be doing this all on his computer.”

And, now that he’s built his VSee account, he will.

A line like the one above would normally be the end of a post like this.  But after his demo, he thought of a thousand different scenarios where a video collaboration solution like this would be useful for attorneys and judges across the country.  Depositions, arraignments, testimonies, etc., in addition to the usual remote meeting functionality.

And so, another person a couple generations north of the kids who grew up texting has now jumped ahead of the curve.

I’m so proud.  🙂

Another false end!  It’s time to quickly look at some interesting applications in other fields!  For instance, we have true data streaming that allows doctors to monitor remote or at-home patients in real time or scientists to monitor, from a world away, soil samples as they are being processed!  On the more traditional, but not oft thought of, front, a real estate agent could show a house in Miami to a couple in Boston so they’re ahead of the house-hunting game when they move.  What about translation services?  Therapy?  Wedding planning?  Maybe Stephen King and Peter Straub’s next collaboration can be via file transfer!

Now that the masses appear ready to embrace it, there’s really no end to what this technology can do to help general productivity, science, medicine, etc., with a little creative thinking.  Heck, we’re always amazed to hear what people are using it for.

These are exciting times.

And that, my friends, really was the last line.  (Dang.  I liked the earlier ones better…)

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    Rich Griffin says:

    Great story John. There must be hundreds of interesting use cases out there. Who has another great VSee story?

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