VSee team wins Box Hackathon 2012

We’re very happy to share the news that three of our VSee team members had participated in the Box Hackathon 2012, and walked away with the grand prize, along with two of their other teammates. Their product, OMGHelp, is a mobile service to redefine online technical support calls. Read more…

VSee Release 810: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Support

Why VSee is free with no ads

We came across this great blogpost titled “Why we don’t sell ads” on the WhatsApp blog, and we couldnt agree more with the article. At VSee, we’ve always stayed away from disrupting the aesthetics and user experience with advertisements. At the same time, security is also our critical concern. We believe…

VSee Release 721: Fixed updating contact issues in address book

New Firewall Rules for VSee Update

FuzeBox Raises $20M for online collaboration

We heard that FuzeBox, an online collaboration and meeting tool, recently raised $20 million in Series A funding, led by Index Ventures. “Fuze HD is a mobile and web-based collaboration service that features integrated audio conferencing as well as high-definition, synchronized video and image sharing.” – Crunchbase FuzeBox uses Vidyo…

VSee for virtual teams

Working remotely can be a pain sometimes, but having access to a powerful video tool that can be used for a variety of situations can make working with your virtual teams so much easier. You can create and maintain multiple video sessions and eliminate the issues that crop up in…

New VSee.com homepage design

We just pushed out a new design for our homepage – vsee.com Do you like it? We welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions! 🙂 Follow us on Twitter (@VSee) and Like us on Facebook to hear about the latest from VSee!

VSee Release 702: Improved camera privacy!

VSee empowers HR recruiting and training

VSee is a robust online-based video tool that can be utilized in a number of applications. One of them is the field of human resource recruiting and training which I work on a fair bit. Thanks to the ease of creating and maintaining the video sessions, I find the combination…

VSee Mac Update – Version 9.4

VSee links Linkin Park to Rio+20

On June 19th in Rio De Janeiro, global leaders such as Ted Turner and Richard Branson assembled to have a conversation with people around the world about how technology and social media have impacted conversations about global social issues. Complementing the concurrent United Nations Rio+20 conference, the Rio+Social conference included…

Gabriel of Darfur United celebrates the birth of his daughter from Iraq!

We just learned that long-time VSee users Gabriel and Katie-Jay Stauring used VSee to connect from different sides of the globe while Katie-Jay was in labor with their first child! Gabriel and Katie-Jay run i-ACT, a grassroots organization that combines innovative technology with personal connection to help victims of mass…

‎Linkin Park joins Rio+Social over VSee

You can watch the live stream here now. (Jun 19, 8am-6pm EST). Follow us on Twitter (@VSee) and Like us on Facebook to hear about the latest from VSee! 

VSee Update – Release 614

This update fixes recent server stability issues.

VSee on Mercadeo.com

Last month, we received a note from Jeorge E. Pereira, editor of Marketing E-Zine in Spanish language mercadeo.com. He was an avid VSee fan, and was intending to publish his review of VSee on the E-Zine. “I am very impressed with the friendly and efficient program developed by your group.” – Jeorge…

VSee Update – Release 531

VSee Release 522: New design for VSee Address book!

Juniper Networks Invests In Vidyo

Yesterday, it was announced that Vidyo has received another round of funding, this time from Juniper Networks, bringing their total funding to $97M. From the article: “Vidyo makes video conferencing software that allows organizations to very efficiently and effectively make and receive video calls across any number of connected devices.…

ZDNet interviews Christina for Singapore NBN