Big Science Summit In Review

Atlantic's Big Science Summit

Self-flying airplanes, exoskeletons that allow a paraplegic to walk, wireless elecric car rechargers, privatized space exploration, and of course, Milton’s talk on bridging distances with video are just a few of the exciting topics explored during The Atlantic’s Big Science Summit yesterday.

If you couldn’t be there or missed out on their live feed, be sure to check out highlights from the event.  Zac Unger did a great job covering Milton and Andrew McAfee’s talk about VSee and video collaboration:

Actual collaboration is difficult when there’s no actual contact…. According to VSee CEO Milton Chen, studies show that when you scatter people to multiple offices, productivity can drop by as much as 50%.

“We have the ability, thanks to the cloud … we can put people around the world in touch with not an only an infinite amount of computing technology” but also a wide variety of experts, [MIT’s Andrew McAfee] said Tuesday at The Atlantic‘s Big Science Summit in San Jose, Calif.

VSee technology, for example, can connect world class cardiologists with small-town medical centers, watching EKGs in realtime, and also allow far-flung family members to stay involved in the lives of their loved ones. In fact, VSee has already been used to connect Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (in Washington) with key players during the current Syrian uprising.

Source: The Atlantic

You should also check one of my other favorite stories: The Iron Man Comes To Life with Matt demonstrating the possibilities of mobility for paraplegics, astronauts, and who knows what else!  We’re definitely living in an age where science fiction is being realized every day!

Photo Highlights from Big Science Summit

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