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Making Telepsychiatry Sustainable – Samir Malik (Genoa Telepsychiatry)

Samir Malik is currently the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genoa Telepsychiatry, the largest outpatient telepsychiatry provider in the country. Samir came into this role through the acquisition of his company, 1DocWay, a New York City-based telepsychiatry company, which he co-founded and served as CEO. The company expands…

Diagnostic Errors, Decision Support and the Telemedicine Workflow – Art Papier, MD (VisualDX)

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system that has become the standard medical professional resource at more than 50% of U.S. medical schools and more than 2,700 hospitals and institutions world-wide. VisualDx combines clinical search with arguably the worlds best medical image collection. VisualDx technology incorporates medical knowledge…

A Connected Path to Better Health – Scooter Plowman (Proteus Digital Health)

Scooter Plowman is the Medical Director at Proteus, a leading innovator spearheading the development of Digital Medicines. He leads the clinical implementation teams, real-world evidence generation, clinical strategy and business development through partnerships with health systems, payers, and pharmacies across the US. Prior to joining Proteus, Dr. Plowman completed his…

Non-emergency Medical Transportation Powered by Lyft – Daniel Trigub (Lyft)

Dan Trigub is a Regional Vice President leading Healthcare, Education, Transit & Government partnerships on the West Coast. Before Lyft, Dan spent time working in Business Development at eBay and previously to that founded several companies including OpenPlacement which is a care coordination platform allowing hospital professionals to connect with…

How Medicine is Becoming a Changing Big-Data Field – Ted Driscoll (DigitalDx Ventures)

Ted Driscoll is Managing Director at a new venture fund, DigitalDx Ventures, whose focus is on Diagnostics in a Big-Data and Personalized Medicine World. Previously he was a Partner at Decheng Capital, and a Partner at Claremont Creek Ventures leading Digital Healthcare. He led the first investment in Natera (IPOed…

5 Lessons From Establishing Telepsychiatry for California Prisons — Edward Kaftarian, MD

What are the biggest challenges to starting a telepsychiatry program? How do you choose and manage the right technology? How do you manage medications? How do you attract and manage staff? Find out how California’s Chief Executive of Telepsychiatry, Edward Kaftarian, MD, stood up a successful prison telepsychiatry program for…

Telehealth drug prescribing & the opioid crisis: What every doctor needs to know — Bradley Davidsen

How is the opioid crisis changing regulations around online drug prescribing? What are the online prescribing rules that every physician ought to know? Is an in-person exam necessary for prescribing medication online? How does telehealth drug prescribing work across state lines or internationally? Join health care attorney Brad Davidsen on…

How To Go Viral with Healthcare Innovation — Homero Rivas, MD

How can we get innovations in healthcare adopted more quickly? What does it take to cut down the 17-year healthcare adoption cycle? How can we get doctors to be more open to new ideas? Do we need to change how doctors are trained? Join Stanford’s Director of Innovative Surgery, Homero…

2018 Telehealth Trends You Need To Know — Kristi Henderson, Seton Health

What are the emerging technologies and new regulations that will shape telehealth going into 2018? Anticipate 2018 telehealth trends. What are important lessons we need to learn from 2017? Join us as we kick off the 2018 season of Telehealth Failures & Secret To Success with Kristi Henderson, pioneering telehealth…

Capturing health consumers and growing patients with telehealth – Dr. Steve Ambrose (RED HOT Healthcare Podcast)

Slides Capturing health consumers and growing patients with Telehealth from VSee

Can AI be compassionate? – Julia Hu (Lark)

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Telehealth Solutions for Post Acute Care – Tomi Ryba & Margaret Wilmer (El Camino Hospital)

Slides Testing Telehealth Solutions for Post Acute Care from VSee

The role of telemedicine in “informed health” – Aenor J Sawyer, MD (UCSF)

Slides About Speaker Dr. Sawyer has more than a decade of Health Technology experience in development and evaluation of device, digital health, Telehealth, and EHR solutions. She currently guides development, validation and translation of novel technologies at UCSF. She serves on the UCOP Telehealth Taskforce and develops digitization strategies in…

Telehealth reimbursement models for non-medical services – Brenda Schmidt (Solera)

Slides Telehealth reimbursement models for non-medical services from VSee

Can you make life & death decisions via telemedicine? – Dr. Jaspal Singh (Carolinas HealthCare System)

Slides Can you make life & death decisions via telemedicine? from VSee

Telehealth or BlockBuster – Richard Newell,MD (CEP)

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Telehealth: Visions, Barriers, Realization – Karyn DiGiorgio (University of California)

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The untapped addiction market: Home detox – Lisa Benya (CURE)

Slides The untapped addiction market: Home detox from VSee

Digital Transformation in Health: The New Patient Paradigm – Paul Smolke (Microsoft)

Slides Digital Transformation in Health: The New Patient Paradigm from VSee

Will the next generation of doctors be ready for telehealth? – Homero Rivas, MD (Stanford University)

Slides Will the next generation of doctors be ready for telehealth? from VSee