VSee Release Updates

VSee Update – Release 531

Why The VSee 522 Redesign?

In case you’ve been a happy VSee user and want to know why VSee has decided to change things on you, our answer to you is that we want everyone to be a part of the VSee family and enjoy a taste of how easily VSee facilitates “see, share, send.”  (Find…

VSee Release 522: New design for VSee Address book!

VSee Update – Audio Fix Release 501

VSee Update for Mac

VSee Critical Update – Release 418

VSee Update For Windows – Release Fix 408

VSee Release 403: App Sharing on Mac is Out!

VSee Releases Secure Instant Messaging Today

With today’s new release, the VSee team is excited to bring you secure instant messaging on both Windows and Mac!  Please make sure you are updated to version  on Windows and 10154 on Mac.  Also, don’t forget to look for our other release features and improvements below: VSee for Windows Secure instant…

Major New Release:

We’re only one month into 2011 and we’re already introducing a major new release of VSee!  There are some significant and exciting changes, so please set your preferences to “automatically update” or just download the new version right here! (And then set your preferences to “automatically update”.) You have to…