Coursera Prof To Use VSee For Peer Learning Groups

coursera_maththink1Professor Keith Devlin is an award-winning Stanford University mathematics professor and National Public Radio’s “The Math Guy.” He is also a supporter of Coursera, a free online class web site for 2.7M students.

Professor Devlin has been teaching a popular Stanford University class through Coursera, “Introduction to Mathematical Thinking.” This class normally enrolls 65K students from all over the globe.  Next session begins next week March 4 and runs for 10 weeks. Sign up for this free course here:

For this session, Professor Devlin will be offering VSee simple video conference and screen share to his students to promote effective peer learning. VSee is free for educational use and the ideal tool for interactive team-based learning.  Unlike Skype and Google+ Hangouts, VSee is designed to streamline collaboration so small groups can work together just as though everyone was sitting in the same room.

Quality Group Video

VSee features free group video that uses half the bandwidth of Skype and significantly less bandwidth than Google Hangouts, making it especially great for students living in rural areas or in countries where the Internet is slower.  Students on wifi and poor networks can join in group video chats without constantly getting hung video or dropped calls.

Simple Screen Share and Pen Annotation

In addition, VSee’s simple screen sharing includes a markup pen function that allows all group members to circle, draw, and annotate on shared windows.  Moreover, VSee allows you to share specific windows instead of your entire desktop, so private information, such as your email, doesn’t accidentally get shared. All it takes is a simple click on the window to be shared.

File Transfer and IM

VSee features drag-and-drop file transfer so students can directly “pass” documents to group members during a call without going through email.  It can also be used as an alternative IM chat client.

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