Freedom Rings–You Can’t Run From It Anymore

Here is a link is to a video I made of a Primerica agent who swears by Ring (powered by VSee).  This was at the Primerica show a few weeks ago.  If you fast forward to about 6:00 min, he does 1:45 min story on how he showed an elderly, reluctant agent how to use VSee (transcript below).  He gets a call later that same day from him saying he closed a deal using it!  The first half of the video is his experience, but the audio is weak, so I’ve highlighted some of the things he talks about:

using Ring even with people who don’t have a camera or a speaker–“just have him put you on speaker phone, tell him to watch his screen, show him a quick quote, here are the questions,  get your mouse ready, sign the application, done in 15 minutes”

keeping appointments that otherwise would have been canceled due to weather–“In Virginia when it snows, the whole city shuts down.  It takes them days to shovel the roads.  Half the appointments are canceled.  It’s a great way to make some sales because then I know they’re at home”

time and money savings from not having to drive to an appointment–“drive time alone is an hour, then I spend 45 minutes at their hoem”

customers enjoy and are impressed with the technology-“it’s a new generation, they’re all under 35 so it’s a given with them. They all Skype and gTalk anyways.

reduce paperwork–“I have guys who groan when they see the stack of paperwork I pull out, especially transferring back and forth.  With this, one time through…click,click,click, and they’re done”

Also, here’s the transcript to the story about the technophobe.  It doesn’t do justice to the speaker’s animation, but you get the point:

PAUL:  There’s a guy in my __ who’s 60…when it comes to technology, it’s like hot potatoes, “I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to hold it…”  But he got stuck one time…__ came to see him…something came up, and he said, “Hey, I can do that “thing”? “I want to learn to do that thing with…”  So I said, “All right”–

CASEY:  That “thing?”

PAUL: Yeah, that “thing.” [everybody laughs].
So I said, “well, first of all let’s go to the Primerica website, let’s hit Primerica Ring, get started with your e-mail…” So what we did is we tested it.  That’s what I recommend everybody–test it with somebody on your team, test it for yourself–you get used to it–couple of times. It’ll only take you–what? [towards me]–I think about 30 minutes to get comfortable.

CASEY: I think 2 or 3 calls

PAUL: So he got comfortable.  I said, “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Ring me. Let’s go through this [???], desktop, share it with me, experiment. It was 10 minutes that we spent doing this.  I ask “are you comfortable with this?” Then I said “Ring me…”–Just role play the whole thing through, right?  Thirty minutes later I said, “You ready to go?” –‘Cause I ain’t got time for this, you know what I mean, I’m telling everybody you’ve got to embrace this stuff.  You can’t run from it anymore. This is the end of the line, you know?–
So I said “I’m outta here. I’ve got [inaudible]”  I hit the road.  He calls me up an hour and a half later saying, “Man, I LOVE it!”
I said, “Man, what are you talking about?”
“That ‘thing,’ man!  I just did my first application”–and this is a technophobic guy–“I just did my first application on that ‘thing’!”

CASEY: What’s his name?

PAUL: His name is __.
He says, “I just did that ‘thing’!”
I said, “Oh! Cool!!”
So then a couple of days later I’m driving in my car, he calls me again, “Man, I love that stuff!!”
I say, “What are you talking about?” Right? ‘Cause just out of the blue he breaks out with this.  And we colocate. I said, “So what are you talking about? What do you love?”
“That ‘thing’! I just did another sale…on the Internet.  I love this ‘thing'”!
So a guy that was totally technophobic.  I mean he really did…

CASEY:  He’s closing deals, and loving it.

PAUL: [nods] closing deals.  This month alone he’s done like done 2, 3 of them and this guy is 60 years old.  [Demonstrates how easy it is] Put your finger on the mousepad.  That’s what you do.  Have them start with that as opposed to doing business.

CASEY:  You did a great job!

PAUL:  Well, it’s so easy, I think the Primerica website is set up to be very usable. [Gets ready to leave]

Casey:  Well, thanks so much.

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