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It’s a bright New Year and we have exciting things happening here at VSee:  Borderless windows!  Easier sharing!  And more as the year continues!

Just last month we released VSee v.1201, and let me tell you I think it’s a great step up from v.612.

If you’ve already read our forum announcement, you already know the many ways in which we’ve improved VSee.  If you haven’t, let me hit my personal highlights for you:

Borders on the participant windows are gone, which looks both sleeker and gives you a larger viewing area.  And they stack nicely.  When you move the cursor off those same windows the menu bars fade away, giving you even more viewing space.  A new “share” share buttonbutton discretely shows up on any app window that can be shared…and the share menu lists all of them.  In short, it’s easier to use and looks better.

My personal favorite:  Ctrl-T arranges call windows and shared apps in a very intuitive way, which is helpful when you find yourself on a netbook talking to three people and sharing a spreadsheet (like me).  Also helpful, Ctrl- “+” or “-” for resizing all windows at once.  By the way, Chris goes over these two functions in the last post, here.  It’s very helpful information.

(Also check out Chris’ advice on sharing only regions of the desktop, here.)

There are plenty of other great improvements, many to our already formidable management tools and security.  Enterprise users will find it easier to use their own encryption if desired or to keep tabs on the company’s usage of VSee or even use encrypted USB device sharing.

For the complete list of changes, please go to our forum post at


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