GUI 3.0!!! VSee v.726 is live

If you have your installation of VSee set for automatic update, you may have launched it to discover your GUI looks very different from a few days ago.

That’s because we just released 726, which, in addition to many other improvements, includes a major overhaul of our already simplified interface and makes it even more intuitive and useable.

New additions to VSee include a new “History” tab in the address book.  Now you can monitor your calling and easily call back those you’ve talked to.  Also, we now include an early version of H.323 and SIP support, which we encourage you to play with and give us feedback on.  (I’ll post instructions for use in the Forums tomorrow.)

In case you haven’t played with it yet, here’s a quick overview of menu placement on the new local video window:

VSee's New Interface

VSee's New Interface

We think you’ll thoroughly enjoy the new look and feel.  We know we do.  Thanks for continuing to use VSee.

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