HP Down, Cisco To Go

HP must be sighing in relief at finally getting rid of their Halo visual collaboration business unit since they practically handed it to Polycom for $89 million.

Is It A Win-Win Deal?

This means Polycom gets a whack at the telepresence market while HP dumps responsibility for its lackluster product, which never really offered much competition to Cisco with Halo’s over-the-top price tag of $550,000 per room, not including $18,000 per month service fees.

It also means HP gets to include Polycom’s goodies with its much anticipated WebOS platform and TouchPad line…or maybe it’s the other way around and Polycom is getting more of its products out through HP.

Polycom is also bedfellows with Microsoft and provides the interface that allows Microsoft Lync users to make video calls and to do real-time, multi-way content collaboration.

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