Inspiring Words from a VSee Mom


Things have been a little hectic around here for many of us – it’s the nature of a growing company.  Just wanted to share an excerpt from a chat I had with my mum recently. (Got permission :))

Mum: are you still very busy these days?

YL: ya, quite.

Mum: what you’re doing now with the product you and your company are working on, the potential for its uses are so tremendous. you know, not everyone gets to be so lucky.

YL: thanks mummy, those are kind words. in early days of a company it’s easy to feel discouraged.

Mum: when you feel discouraged, try and see that the innovation you are trying to bring to fruition is something the world needs, commercially and otherwise. it will add great value to life as we know it. that is a very noble act, not everyone can do it. your ability is in this area. we all have different roles to play in this world. part of the reason why i feel so happy when i’m there with you is that i feel i become a part of that.

VSee may be a very valuable business one day, but for me, it’s soul – and what makes it special – is the human impact:
  • The time parents can spend home with their kids rather than getting stressed on the freeway.
  • The ability for teams, and any group of people, to get things done *and* feel personally connected regardless of distance.
  • The ability of the paralyzed Primerica agent to reach customers near and far using VSee.
  • The relief and joy of the dad whose kids were in a serious accident while he was away on a business trip, but who was still able to visit them at the hospital over VSee.
  • The faith of the scrappy startup, now working remotely across 6 cities and counting, that continues to hold to its vision of making the world a better place 🙂

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