It’s World Refugee Day!

On Friday, I wrote about a social networking project, Commkit, that some VSee people are involved in, and I just wanted to share this video screen capture of i-Act co-founder and director, Gabriel Stauring, talking about the life-changing impact this social networking access has had on the children in the refugee camps and the community as a whole.  He made a trip to Chad this year to bring Commkits into the refugee camps and to train people to use them. Btw, he’s sharing this at a lecture via VSee (starting about 1:09:00)!  Also sorry about my bad laptop mic.

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Also check out the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) site to get updates on World Refugee Day and  Angelina Jolie’s field missions as Goodwill Ambassador in the past few days.


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  • anne
    Eric Angel says:

    Thank you for writing about CommKit!

  • anne
    anne says:

    My pleasure! I generally feel like technology has made our lives more complicated rather than truly better 😛 But it was most inspiring to hear Yuen-lin and Gabriel talk about the difference CommKit is making in the lives of these refugees who feel like they have been forgotten for the last 7 years.

  • anne
    Filmy do pobrania says:

    Interesing article thank you!

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