VSee Release 908! Labor of Love

Thanks to the hard work of the VSee Engineering Team, there has been a lot of great “under the hood” work done for this last release, and we hope you enjoy the greater VSee stability and functionality.  I especially want to highlight the new “One-click signup” and encourage you to try it out at vsee.com.

Other release changes are below:


  1. One-click VSee signup (i.e. no more application downloading! )
  2. Tutorial for first-time users
  3. Friendlier user registration and login interface
  4. Visual improvements to application-share control bar


  1. Higher accuracy bandwidth measurements
  2. Improvements and bugfixes to Automatic Quality Control
  3. Allows direct calls on VPN
  4. Higher quality HTTP relay calls


  1. Numerous crash fixes
  2. Bug fix for eraser pen annotation
  3. Bug fix for meeting mode
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  • yuenlin
    Rich Griffin says:

    One odd thing I notice with this release is that the directory display pops up and steals the cursor focus. I’m not sure if this is due to change in my contacts’ status but it is a bit annoying. Otherwise a great release!

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