Microsoft Shutting Down Vine

By Rich Griffin
Reprinted from VSee Forum

Microsoft announced yesterday that they are shutting down Vine.
Vine, as you may remember, is the service that allowed alerts and communication during times of crisis when other methods may be compromised or non-existant. I’m not going to comment on Microsoft’s reasons for shutting Vine down, but I can guess that they weren’t going to make money off it by subscription or advertising (I can only imagine the worst scenario…knowing how SEO prompts ad insertions – an American Airlines ad popping up when someone posts about a plane crash, etc.)

But why post this announcement on VSee’s forum? Well, some may not know it, but VSee has – by design and since its inception; provided a means of communication when the infrastructure we take for advantage is down. As demonstrated during Strong Angel II (Strong Angel is an international humanitarian response demonstration), VSee was utilized to establish communications without benefit of internet connectivity. How? By establishing point-to-point WiFi between slightly modified (easy to do) WiFi transceivers and using VSee to provide video, voice, text, telemetry and sharing between nodes. That functionality is crucial for aid workers, military, police and civilian response angencies.

It is unfortunate that Microsoft couldn’t sustain Vine, but VSee has always provided that means of establishing connection when all other means fail. On this very solemn day, it is a good reminder that utilities exist to keep us connected and informed when things are at their bleakest.

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