NSA Fishbowl: Secure Communication With Android Phone

 width=The NSA (National Security Agency) is the premier agency responsible for protecting government communications.  Their traditional approach is using proprietary hardware and software, that is secure but very expensive.

Recently, they have been working on a plan to use ready-made commercial standards and equipment for their secure technology needs, instead of reinventing the wheel in their own labs.  The idea hasn’t quite worked out as expected, which you can read about in this article, but it has lead to the development of the “Fishbowl.”  These are souped-up, super-secure Android smartphones, that NSA agents can feel safe using to send even the most sensitive information.  Information sent through these handsets are double-encrypted as well as screened through NSA servers.  Please see our security article on why securing real-time communication is hard.

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Photo credit: thezartorialist.com via Flickr


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