Can Platforms Accelerate Telehealth Adoption? – Paul Smolke, Microsoft [TFSS Talks]

telehealth platformWhat is a platform and why do you need one to do telehealth? Paul Smolke of Microsoft argues that a telehealth platform helps patients to buy into your program.  Continue Reading…

Virtual Care Reality and Accelerators to Scale – James Mault, MD, Qualcomm [TFSS Talks]

James Mault Qualcomm

It’s time for a reality check. Virtual care has not lived up to the hype. True, the mobile revolution is mind-blowing. So why hasn’t telehealth kept pace? Jim Mault thinks he may know why, because his company Qualcomm is at the forefront of making virtual care a reality for everyone.Continue Reading…

The Telehealth Adoption Black Hole – Milton Chen, VSee [TFSS Talks]

Dr Milton Chen, CEO of VSeeThe telehealth industry’s biggest challenge is a lack of adoption among patients and consumers. Why aren’t more people using the telehealth technology available to them? Why is there a telemedicine adoption blackhole?Continue Reading…

Are You Losing Patient Engagement With A Bad Symptom Checker?

using symptom checker

The democratizing of healthcare and health information through technology means opportunities for great innovation and improved efficiency. It also introduces new challenges for engaging patients. Using the right kind of healthcare software is crucial to maximizing care and minimizing costs.

For example, almost everyone has used an internet website or health app such as WebMD, ShareCare , Healthline, HealthTap, Mayo ClinicContinue Reading…

Telemedicine by Satellite

You can conduct a telemedicine consultation over any kind of internet connection. For patients in remote areas with no connectivity, satellite internet is the answer. The VSee team relied on satellite internet when we deployed telemedicine to refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Watch this video to learn more about how satellite internet works.

As you can see, satellite internet allows people to connect when wi-fi and 4G are out of the question. Thanks to satellite internet, anyone can see a doctor through telemedicine.

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