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Obviously, I’m quite excited by all our releases.  This one, however, has a few extra treats that I want to point out in addition to our release notes.

First, if you are a home (non-commercial) user, you now have free HD video calling.  So whether you hook up to your living room TV or stay in your home office, just remember that you saved a bundle over Cisco’s umi!  (Ha ha!  Take THAT Cisco!)

All the other exciting stuff is probably more appreciated by businesses and power users.  Among them:  Our new “no admin” install, which allows a cleaner, faster way to get VSee up and running.  It manages to avoid most of those annoying popups that Windows likes to throw at us when adding software to our machines.  It also allows you to use VSee without needing to sign in as an administrator first.

Of course, we’re still continuing with our “GUI 3.0”.  That’s just working out so well that we haven’t conceived of 3.1 yet!  However, a few of the functions found within have been spruced up. The new “Meeting Mode” now allows you, even if you’re the host, to leave a meeting and everyone else in the meeting can continue without you!  (It’s like leaving a room in real life!)  Also, the video recording, not just returned to its former glory, is now better than ever with better AV syncing.

Well, the release notes are here as well as in the forum.  Please let us know your experiences with the new VSee!

  • HD resolution option now always enabled
  • New behavior for new SSO users; old behavior temporarily preserved for old users
  • Unified account creation and login process for all users
  • OEM and non-OEM versions of VSee can coexist
    • address book now remembers resized position
    • right-click and copy URL from group chat
  • No admin install (.exe only)
    • install in per-user app folder
    • doesn’t need administrator permissions to install
    • no more UAC prompts at install or update
  • Meeting mode 2.0
    • server-side state: solves meeting state bugs
    • “leave meeting” support
    • meeting survives loss of meeting host
  • TCP API 2.0
  • Improved movie sharing robustness
  • Improved video robustness, including favoring frozen rather than jumbled frames for high packet loss / delay
  • Improved recording robustness, including
    • switch to ASF format
    • better audio / video synchronization
  • No more auto-login for Windows Active Directory users (AD credentials used only as hint at signup time)
  • Other fixes, including
    • video window doesn’t shrink on change to low resolution
    • video window respects resolution, except for above
    • PTZ works after resolution change
    • group chat doesn’t grab focus
    • login window responsive during network loss
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  • admin
    Rich Griffin says:

    Can you tell us what the TCP API does? Also, do you know if transparency mode will return? Loved that.

  • admin
    john says:

    Sorry Rich. On this one, I think you’re in the minority. Unfortunately, transparency doesn’t seem to have a large (paid) following and that makes supporting it again unlikely. I myself tried it a bunch of times and found it got in the way of seeing and manipulating the window beneath the transparency.

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