Repost: Share Valentine’s Day with Video…

Recently, I was in a hotel in San Diego for VSee-related business.  Milton and Colleen were also both in San Diego with me.

My wife, however, was still up in Anaheim.  Milton and Colleen’s families were both up in Northern California.

Let me tell you, a video call is so much nicer for talking to your loved ones than a phone call.  My wife loved that she didn’t have to call my phone and hope I picked up; she simply stayed logged in and looked at my availability in her address book.  Then, rather than dial a 10-digit number or enter a speed dial ID, all she had to do was click on my name.

She got to see my hotel room.  We got to make goofy faces at each other.  A few extra jokes were made because we were able to interpret those goofy faces accompanying what we were saying.

From my address book I could see that Colleen and her hubby were both listed as “Busy”.  I can only imagine they were likewise occupied.

I absolutely suggest to anyone separated by distance on a day like today, get video.  Skype, us, oovoo, somebody.  (Preferably us.)

Might I also suggest sending your Valentine’s card via file transfer right while you’re on the call with your squeeze!  Or sharing that nauseatingly cute video via movie share!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s!
(originally posted for Valentine’s Day, 2010)

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