TFSS Conference 2017 – International telemedicine & disaster relief

Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success Conference 2017 Talks

Speaker: Yuki N. Karakawa (IVeH)

International telemedicine & disaster relief


About Speaker

Professor Yuki N. Karakawa specialise in disaster medicine and emergency response management. He builds resilience capability and emergency communication to minimize damage caused by disasters. He worked in NUPALS Pharmacy and Life Science University, was Director of IVeHospital (International Virtual Electric Hospital) and IAEM Ambassador (former US Civil Defence Council). When he worked for PriceWaterCoopers, Cap Gemini, he established new auditing structure for banking institution like GDXIII, beTRUSted, Identrus, Swift, Borelo, and he also provide consultation to government and financial institutions. There, he advised and worked with leaders to expand new alliances to achieve the goal of Future Government, Society and Markets. He graduated from Tokyo University of Science, Medical Electronics in 1991.

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