Twitter Chief: “It’s really complex to make something simple.”

Bless you, Jack Dorsey.

I certainly hope that designers of tech products, whether coders, GUI designers, network architects, whatever, absorb that statement:

It’s really complex to make something simple.

This isn’t a new statement.  Others have said it.  But perhaps when the founder of Twitter says it on Charlie Rose…then has it repeated on a slew of sites (including this one)…maybe, just maybe, the really big companies will get it.  (Hello Cisco.)

Here are links to his interview on Charlie Rose:, techcrunch Pay specific attention to his description of why no one else had made card processing as easy as Square has.  (Spoiler:  Because it was so complicated to do.  Especially to make it easy for the end user.)

Taking on complexity so your users won’t have to is the challenge.  I hope everyone is up to the task.

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