Correction: Google Has Not Dropped Vidyo

In an earlier article I had said that Google Hangouts had dropped Vidyo in favor of WebRTC. I made a mistake. Google Hangouts has NOT dropped Vidyo.  Moreover, Vidyo executives have contacted me to let me know that “Google has a great relationship with Vidyo”.  I have checked my sources and verified that Vidyo is indeed still part of Google. (It turns out it is rather complicated to figure out what Google is currently using for Hangouts and GoogleTalk.)

Will Google ever drop Vidyo?  It is hard not to get excited about what Google is doing with WebRTC.  Google spent $200M acquiring the building blocks – buying the company GIPS for audio and On2 for video.  Since these acquisitions, the Google WebRTC team has been growing like crazy – and is now one of the bigger engineering teams inside Google.

Future-looking innovative companies such as TokBox, TenHands,, and many others have also embraced WebRTC and are waiting to see what Google will do.

What do you think? Will Google eventually drop Vidyo and use WebRTC instead?  Is WebRTC ready?

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  • milton
    Rich Griffin says:

    Given the amount of investment to WebRTC I believe Google will eventually drop Vidyo’s codec (Google is only using Vidyo’s implementation of H.264-SVC, not their VidyoRouters).

    Google may be hanging onto Vidyo until WebRTC gets a bit better. The two times I tried TenHands I was not impressed with the experience.

  • milton
    Dan Reagan says:

    Rich, what didn’t you like about TenHands? Just stumbled across them today, taking cursory look at service. Is it not ready for prime time? Thanks

  • milton
    Tsahi Levent-Levi says:

    It is only a matter of time and priority.
    I assume that Google are more focused in getting WebRTC out of the door for Android than making it a replacement for their Hangout solution that works well at the moment.
    In the larger picture, it really has no impact on the adoption of WebRTC:

  • milton
    Tsahi Levent-Levi says:

    While we’re at it… what technologies are you using?
    Any plans on WebRTC?

  • milton
    milton says:

    Dear Tsahi, we look at WebRTC very closely – but have our own approach. We come from the network sensing angle – designed specifically for mobile networks where there can be rapid bandwidth and other network variations. But unfortunately we are late with our mobile clients – thus we are disappointed with ourselves. we will be making the iPad submission in 1-2 weeks (we got down to the last blocker handling sleep mode on iOS), and then iPhone, Android later this year. thanks! 🙂

  • milton
    Rich Griffin says:


    My experience with Tenhands was pretty poor. Delays in roundtrip audio and poor lip-sync. Maybe it will improve in later versions but bad lip-sync is a killer for me.

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