VC 5.0 – New Collaborative Patient Memos, Scalable Remote Call Centers, Sound Activation Pop-up, and Usability Improvements

Get ready for the VSee Clinic 5.0 release on August 14 with new collaboration features and workflows to boost your practice productivity.

New Shared Internal Memos for Simplified Provider Collaboration

Set up an efficient, scalable remote booking call center with our new Integrated Call Center Workflow. Allow your call reps to quickly filter, hold, and book appointments across unrelated provider Clinics of different subdomains, locations, programs, etc.

Key features:

  • Allow participating providers to keep their own branding and have their own unique Clinic URL
  • 1-click search and book appointments across multiple provider Clinic schedules (Clinics may be unrelated and have their own unique branding and subdomains.)
  • Set up customizable booking filters for visit types, states, programs, specialties, etc.
  • Create different programs that only include access to specified provider Clinics
  • Restrict a Call Center Scheduler’s permissions to selected programs
  • Allow Call Center Schedulers to hold appointment spots for 15 minutes while working with a patient

Learn more about the Call Center Scheduler user role here.

*Note: Call Center Scheduler and Scheduler are two different user roles.

New Integrated Call Center Scheduling to Scale Your Business

If you are running a multi-provider clinic with a walk-in workflow this is the feature for you.

VSee now lets you set up on-call schedules for alerting a single provider or a group of providers during their specified on-call hours.

With our new on-call scheduling and management capabilities, schedulers and providers can now build a transparent on-call schedule and control exactly who receives alerts during an on-call time slot. This means only the slotted on-call provider(s) will receive waiting room alerts and see patients on their dashboard during their assigned on-call hours.

See step-by-step instructions for updating walk-in settings and creating an On-call Schedule here.

Note: The On-Call Schedule feature is enabled upon request. Please contact Sales or your Account Manager to enable this feature in your Clinic.

What’s with the “Activate Notification Sound” pop-up?

You may have noticed the “Activate Notification Sound” pop-up on your VSee Clinic and wondered what it’s about?

This pop-up lets you unblock your audio. It only shows up if your browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge) is muting your audio (for safety reasons), so you can’t hear sound alerts when a patient enters your waiting room. It will only appear when you first log into your VSee Clinic and only if you have enabled the Play Alert when Patient Enters setting (under Waiting Room Notification).  

To learn more about these Sound Alert Permissions and how you can enable or disable them, please click here.

Other Improvements

As part of our system modernization for the foundation of future database servers, we have made upgrades to enhance the system’s stability and security.

We have also made some enhancements to the Visit Details page:

  • Visits List: Show monthly visit view by default
  • Back to the Old visit page Sidebar menu
  • End a call/visit on Browser & VM
  • Video Window
  • Route Pending Notes reminder to Notes Edit
  • Added New Notes Timestamp

To learn more about other Visit Details page improvements, please click here.

If you have any questions or have encountered any issues related to this release, please contact us at

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