Version 612 has been released

612 was released to all users today. Major changes include:
– completely new application sharing engine – faster performance at lower bandwidth
– new user interface for application sharing feedback
– numerous GUI bug fixes – such as snapping window, etc.
– new LDAP/AD module for enterprise deployments

Our next major release is targeted for 815 (Aug 15). It will support a new video UI – toward our goal of simple and elegant. It will also have a completely new address book for faster calling. We expect to start beta testing of 815 in mid-july.


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  • admin
    Mike Brown says:

    Can you be more explicit on the “new user interface for application sharing feedback” ? How does one use this feature? IS it simply the feedback on the shared application, or is there a new way to share an application and you want feedback?

  • admin
    Rishi says:

    Hi Mike
    Yes, it’s simply the feedback on the shared application. When the sharer minimizes the shared-app or covers it with a new foreground window, then the viewers will see a gray-region and will know to stop expecting screen updates.

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