Thank You, VSee, from The Austin Vibe Interior Design & Remodeling House

Video chat for Remodeling and Interior Design

The Austin Vibe is a family-owned business and an adventure in building beautiful spaces.  It brings together the vision and creative passions of Taryn Kuczynski, Wade Knowlin, and Sean James in a style they describe as “eclectic sophistication meets fun and funk.” We recently received a thank you note from them, telling us how VSee video chat has made it possible for their company to collaborate on creative work:

Thank you so much for allowing us the use of your video conferencing program. It has been wonderful for our business, because two of my business partners live in Austin where most of our business comes from at this moment, and I am here in San Antonio.

As an interior design and remodeling company, we have many choice selections on a daily basis and we like to all be a part of it. Without VSee, this would be impossible. We have used VSee to choose flooring, tile backsplash, and even paint swatches. We can share our screens and even our Photoshop program that we used to design our own logo. We could take control of each others screens and make changes as needed. It has been an amazing tool for us.

We also plan on having our first client VSee session this weekend for tile choices.  Since we need to make a final purchase by Monday morning, and they will not be available before that, VSee will make it possible for us to keep their project moving forward.

VSee is allowing us to bridge multiple gaps to satisfy our clients needs!  🙂

-Taryn Kuczynski, Co-founder and Chief of Operations


And thank you, The Austin Vibe, for using VSee!  We’re proud to be a part of your creative work.  VSee set out to make a tool that can really make a difference in the way people work and live, and it’s stories like yours that let us know that we’re accomplishing our goal! 🙂

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