Video Communication and Disasters

The recent earthquake in Haiti and the ongoing tragedy has reminded me of the great responsibility of VSee and the industry as a whole to continue advances in disaster relief, search and rescue, and reconstruction.

Now, we’ve worked with several agencies using VSee in its normal function of video conferencing but also implemented to allow ad-hoc and secure video from things such as unmanned robots, drones, and the like, organizations such as Strong Angel and Humanitarian Emergency Logistics & Preparedness. Over the next couple days or so I may share a few examples, but right now I just wanted to express how the industry is working to help in times like these.

VC as “video communication”, rather than the narrow “videoconferencing”, has and will continue to help save many lives, both of those being actively rescued, especially in places a rescuer can’t reach, as well as the rescuers themselves, by helping keep them out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, whenever disaster strikes, especially in such an impoverished nation as Haiti, the financial repercussions exacerbate the loss of life, and hamper reconstruction afterwards. Communication also becomes difficult with many strains on emergency organizations.  Low-cost and efficient deployments of VC services such as ours will continue to do whatever we can to continue making rescue, relief, and reconstruction safe and economical.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Haiti tonight, and to all their loved ones worldwide.

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