Vidyo Funding Now At $116M

Vidyo video conference reviewVidyo video conference topped VentureWire’s startup announcements with the $17.1 million it just secured in a fifth round of funding. That brings Vidyo’s total funding up to a whopping $116 million. Leading the pack this time is Triangle Peak Partners.  In the previous round Vidyo raised $22 millon lead by QuestMark. Other previous investors include Juniper Networks, Menlo Ventures, Rho Capital Partners, Star Ventures, Saint and Four Rivers Group.

At this point it looks like Vidyo is going to be a permanent thorn in the side for Polycom as Vidyo continues to gain popularity in the videoconf market. Last year Vidyo reported 68% billings growth and recently it has seen a jump in its health care and education purchases. A software-based product, Vidyo has been able to offer significantly cheaper video conference than traditional Polycom or Cisco system while maintaining video quality.

At VSee we’ve been going head-to-head with Vidyo on almost every telehealth deal, and our contribution to the video conference market is that we’ve forced Vidyo to lower its price by almost 50% in the last few months. (Vidyo normally quotes its API at $250-400K and has now lowered this quote by 50%.)

Despite Vidyo advantages over Polycom, any Vidyo deployment still requires Vidyo Portal, Vidyo Router, and complex server infrastructure to scale any successful deployment – with a large scale deployment usually costing more than $1 million.  VSee is peer-to-peer and eliminates these server requirements, while still delivering great video. This has allowed VSee to wage a price war with Vidyo.  You can see how VSee compares with Vidyo in raw video performance here:

So are you ready to eliminate your video infrastructure nightmares and enjoy a higher quality service with VSee?  Come talk to us about our telehealth services or ask us how we can save you the $1M you’d spend with Vidyo 🙂

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  • anne
    Liyo High says:

    Logically, if they knew your product really good and can save money they will choose vsee but it seems like that’s not the case. at the end of the day, customer will buy product that fulfill their requirement.

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