VSee User Story: Staying Connected From York University To Kenya and Beyond

VSee video conference user interviewWhat makes VSee a compelling tool?
Quality video, ease of use, network cost savings

Stephen Otienostiv is a visiting scholar at York University from Kenya. A longtime Skype user, he found that Skype simply couldn’t cut it when it came to video chats with his family back in Kenya. It constantly dropped video calls, leaving him frustrated and without any other alternative. Most of the time he and his family ended up doing voice calls, but it simply wasn’t the same. Finally, Stephen met a technician at York University with 25 years experience in video conferencing who introduced him to VSee. It changed his life.

A Thousand and One VSee Video Calls

Within a few short months of becoming a VSee user, Stephen made nearly a thousand VSee calls. VSee’s low bandwidth optimization (which uses half the bandwidth of Skype) makes it possible for him to see his fiancee in Kenya twice a day, as well as his father and brother on a regular basis. It was also extremely easy to download and install, especially in the case of his less tech-savvy parents. On top of this, VSee saves his family 60 to 70% in network costs compared with Skype video chat, which is not only “unreliable” but also quite expensive to use in Africa.

What Makes VSee Different From Skype

“VSee,” Stephen says, “is a new phenomenon…something different from Skype.” The key, he thinks, is in VSee’s simple screen sharing and file-sharing capabilities which he asserts are very powerful. Instead of emailing documents back and forth, Stephen can directly share files and documents during a video call just as though the people are sitting together in person. This is why Stephen has also switched over to VSee for doing his consultancy work and now his virtual team in the U.K., Ireland, Italy, and South Africa are all on VSee for their biweekly meetings.

VSee has really made an impact in Stephen’s life.  Not only is it helping him get work done more easily, it’s also allowing him to stay connected to those who are most important to him.

Thanks, Stephen, for your VSee story!

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