VSee Clinic Release 3.2 – Faster Scheduling for Providers

Make the most of your VSee Clinic with our new update.

1. Schedule appointments for patients faster

Did you know VSee Clinic also allows providers to schedule an appointment for a patient? We have improved the provider experience to make it more efficient. 

Providers can now create a new patient account without needing to search for any records first. To be even more time-efficient, there is a new option to add a patient’s complete information right on the scheduling pop-up.

Aside from that, patients will receive a single email containing both appointment confirmation and clinic instructions (instead of two separate ones).

2. Warning displayed if Stripe account is not yet connected*

*This is only applicable for clinics using the e-payment feature.

Forgot to complete the Stripe setup for receiving online credit card payments? A warning message will now be displayed on the provider’s dashboard if e-payment setup is not yet complete.

3. Enhanced display of your Clinic’s room code

The best way for patients to access the waiting room is by receiving a provider’s invite sent through the Invite feature. However in case patients are looking for a room code, they will now be able to find it instantly on the waiting room page.


Mobile browser


We are more than happy to answer questions that you may have about this release. Please contact us at support@vsee.com.

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