VSee Clinic 4.15.0 – New Billing Features: Eligibility and Claims, Text Alerts for Waiting Patients, Visit Page Enhancements

VSee is very excited to announce new billing capabilities to help you save time on billing tasks. Features include insurance eligibility check, ICD-10 and CPT code inputs, and single and multiple provider claims submissions. We’re also enabling patients to receive text alerts when the provider is ready, and improving your Visit Page experience with the VSee Clinic 4.15.0 release, coming this Dec. 16.

  • New – Verify Eligibility and Submit Claims for Single or Multiple Provider Services
  • Reintroducing the Visit Page for Simplified Patient Queue Management
  • New – Patient Text Alerts for ‘Provider is ready’

New – Verify Eligibility and Submit Claims for Single or Multiple Provider Services

Introducing new billing capabilities to streamline your telehealth practice so you can spend less time on administrative tasks.

Have Patients Self-Check Insurance Eligibility

Patients can now submit their insurance information and self-check their eligibility status. This can be done during the intake process or they can update insurance information on their Profile page.

To learn more on how Patients can check their eligibility status, please click here.

Input Codes and Automatically Submit Claims

Providers get enhanced practice management features with the ability to:

  • Input diagnosis and procedure codes in the Notes Tab
  • Check insurance eligibility status and manually input and manage patient insurance plan information under the new Insurance Tab
  • Automatically create and submit a claim

Submit Multiple Claims for Co-treatment and Split or Shared Views

Simplify your claims submission process for co-treatment, split E/M, or other shared visits with multiple providers. Each provider can now submit separate insurance claims for their portion of the same patient and for the service they provided.

To learn more about Submitting Multiple Claims, please click here.

Reintroducing the Visit Page for Simplified Patient Queue Management

We’re making it easier for you to switch to the new streamlined Visit Page that gives you one clean page with all the controls you need to quickly start and moderate a call, see at a glance current and pending calls, check Patient Details, and more. We introduced this new interface early this year, but many Providers don’t even know about this version. We are now making the switcher more obvious, so you can easily go from the old version to the new and improved one.

New – Patient Text Alerts for ‘Provider is Ready’

One frustration our providers are having is connecting with patients who have gone idle or offline while waiting for their provider. Introducing the “Alert me” feature for patients. Patients now have the option to switch on the “Alert me” feature. This will allow the Clinic to send them an automated SMS alert when their provider is ready to call them.

This feature also resolves the issue of patients disappearing from the Provider’s dashboard if their status shows as Offline or Away for more than a few minutes. It keeps patients in the waiting room queue even if their device goes idle or if they leave the VSee Clinic page to navigate to other sites.

To learn more about Alert Me, please click here.

Some features may not be available in your Clinic. Please contact Sales or your Account Manager to enable this feature.

If you have any questions or have encountered any issues related to this release, please contact us at help@vsee.com.

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