VSee Clinic 4.9.0 – New After Hours Appointments & Clinic Hours Auto Display

We’ve improved how you manage your Clinic’s storefront hours so you can save time and improve patient satisfaction.

  • New! Auto display your Clinic Walk-in Hours (and availability status)
  • New! Easily start appointments outside your Clinic Walk-in Hours 
  • New! Notify providers when the waiting room status is unavailable

1. New! Auto Display Your Walk-in Hours

No more manual typing-in of your Clinic hours! Simply set or update your Clinic Walk-in Hours to auto display your updated hours on your Clinic landing page. We also auto display a Clinic status message that tells patients exactly when the Clinic is open.

Clinic Status Messages

  • Closed for walk-in visits. Opens [day] at [time] – the waiting room is currently closed according to the walk-in hours set by the Provider. The nearest available walk-in hours are displayed.
  • Open. Walk-in visits are accepted. – The waiting room is open all the time for walk-in visits
  • Closed for walk-in visits. Please contact your provider. – the waiting room is closed for walk-in visits, and has no walk-in hours set to open.
  • Open now. [Time] – The waiting room is open for walk-in visits during the specific schedule set by the provider. The soonest available walk-in hours are displayed.

Have Patients View Your Full Walk-in Schedule

  • Click on the schedule dropdown labeled as “Opens [day] at [time]”.
  • A view of the waiting room’s schedule for walk-in visits will be displayed
  • When a clinic is currently closed, it will show the soonest available opening time

2. New! Start Appointments Outside Clinic Walk-in Hours

We’ve made it easier for you to offer after hour appointments without having to change your Walk-in Hours settings. Now patients can start their scheduled visit regardless of the set Clinic Walk-in Hours, even if the Clinic’s Waiting Room is closed. 

How patients will start a scheduled appointment when the Waiting Room is closed 

When the Waiting Room is closed, patients will not be able to enter through the regular “Enter Waiting Room” button (because the button will be disabled). Instead, patients will enter in one of two ways:

  • Email link
  • Patient portal

For email link 

  1. Open the email for the scheduled appointment.
  2. Click Start Visit in the body of the email. This will take you to the Visit Details page.
  3. Click Start Visit on the Visit Details page.
  4. Fill out the pop-up intake form.
  5. Proceed to the visit.

By patient portal

  1. Log in to your patient portal account. 
  2. Click the Start Appointment button under Upcoming Appointments.

3. New! provider Notification When Clinic Unavailable

Providers who are assigned to at least one waiting room will now see a notification message in their Waiting Room Dashboard if the Walk-in Hours of any of their waiting rooms is set to closed – whether the setting was changed by their Clinic Admin or by the providers themselves. If this was unintended, providers can quickly “open” the Waiting Room as necessary.

Notification for Providers with a single waiting room

  • Provider can click on the link to waiting room settings to make necessary adjustments to accommodate walk-in visits.

Notification for Providers with multiple waiting rooms

  • The Provider can click on the link to waiting room settings to make necessary adjustments to accommodate walk-in visits.
  • By clicking the dropdown menu on the “Waiting room settings for,” the provider would see key information on the other rooms he is connected with to get an overview of the settings that need to be changed.

Other changes:

  • Clinic Admin setting – the label for “Operating hours” has been changed to “Clinic Walk-in Hours”

If you have any questions, please contact us at help@vsee.com.
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