VSee Clinic New Features Release – Admin Powers, Spanish Localization, Theme Spiff-up

VSee api update release

This Monday, May 29, 2017 at 03:00 am PT VSee released a new version of the VSee Clinic.

The three main features are:

  • Clinic admin role
  • Spanish localization
  • New cleaner visual theme

New Theme

We’ve given the VSee Clinic a visual makeover for a cleaner look and feel. All the old functionality is still there, and in the same place. We’ve just freshened up the colors a bit. This change will be applied to each VSee Clinic separately in the next few days. Please contact support@vsee.com if you prefer to keep the old theme.

Clinic 2.0 theme
VSee Clinic’s new colors

Spanish Localization

We’ve done a lot of work to make the entire VSee Clinic able to change language depending on the patient’s browser settings. If a client has their computer (or just browser) set to Spanish, you should now see everything in Spanish. We’ll be working on the provider side next.

VSee Clinic Spanish

Admin features

Providers who are administrator of their VSee Clinic account will be able to see the following new features:

New user role – Clinic Admin

Clinic Admin can manage various aspect of a clinic such as

  • Rooms
    • Create, manage rooms and provider assignment to room
  • Patients
    • View and manage patients
    • Create new patient account
  • Providers
    • View and manage all providers availability
    • Edit provider state licensure information
  • Scheduling
    • Schedule appointment for patient

Clinic 2.0 Account details
The new account feature can be found in the top menu.

New visit type – “In-person” visit

  • Provider can now create In-person / Phone appointment on behalf of an existing patient

Clinic 2.0 new Visit
Creating a new visit.

Ability for a Provider to cancel appointment

In patient detail page, find Visit listing. There is new Cancel button for each of the upcoming appointment.
Clicking the Cancel button will result in a new popup to confirm and an email confirmation will be sent to both patient and provider.


We have also made various smaller improvements, such as language/grammar adjustments, improved loading times and chat functionality, as well as fixed a number of small bugs.

Please contact our Sales or Support team if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions!

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