VSee Clinic Update 2.4.3 – SMS Reminders

VSee api update release

This week, VSee will release a new VSee Clinic Update on Wednesday night 10pm PT.

This update contains the following new features:

  • New Sign-Up and Sign-In pages for patient, separate from provider login.
  • Default ‘Enter Waiting Room’ button will now lead to ‘Sign Up’ instead of ‘Sign In’ for patients.
  • SMS reminders for appointments are now available in beta for select clinics. We expect to add this feature to all clinics in due time.
  • The ‘File Upload’ field in intake forms can now be flagged as a required field.

Besides these new features, we have also added back-end support for a number of promising new features currently in development and fixed a good amount of bugs.


The Sign-Up and Sign-In pages have been improved in the following way:

  • When someone clicks the ‘Enter Waiting Room’ button on your Waiting room landing page, they’ll land on a ‘Sign Up’ page rather than a ‘Sign In’ page.
  • They’ll be asked for an email address, or to ‘Go to login’ if they already have an account.
  • When they select ‘Go to login’, they’ll arrive at the familiar Sign In page again.
  • Please note the provider link on the bottom, in case they followed this path to login themselves. It is recommended to update this login link for providers, as this will save clicks and hence speed up the login process for providers.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this update, please contact support@vsee.com.

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