VSee Features Highlight – Invites

VSee is going social!

If you have ever thought that VSee was a great program and wished there was an easy way to share it with others, then you need to try out new “Invite” feature which makes it simple to bring your friends and coworkers into the VSee family.

Just get your handy list of e-mail addresses ready and click on the green “invite” button  width=located in your address book.


You can send any number of “invites” at one time.  Invite your whole department if you want.  The best part is once your invitees have accepted your invitation and have set up VSee accounts, they will be automatically added to your address book!


Managing Your New Contacts

Once your friends accept your invitation, they will show up under the “New Contacts” group in your address book.  However, you probably have your own way of grouping people.  VSee quite accommodating in this way and allows you to create and manage your own groups.

To place a contact in another group:


  1. Click on the “add” button  width= and select “Add contacts”
  2. Type in the username of the contact in the empty username box
  3. Select the group in which you want to place him or her or select “New Group” to create a new group.
  4. The same contact can be included in any number of groups!

To remove someone  from a group:

  1. Highlight the username then right-click.
  2. Select “Delete” from the menu.
  3. The contact will be removed from that particular group only.

Learn More About VSee’s Features

If you want to learn more about other useful VSee features, I highly suggest joining one of Julio’s webinar training sessions.  They run regularly Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Just e-mail julio@vsee.com to let him know you’re coming!

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