VSee For Mac Is Officially Out!

Get VSee For Your Mac Today!


Three cheers for the first release of the VSee Mac client!  Now Mac users can also enjoy a secure, quality desktop videoconferencing  experience.  Simply go to vsee.com to start using VSee on your Mac today!  (New users will need to sign up for a  VSee account.)

You can check out the full press release here.

Big Thanks To Our Fearless Engineering Team

Building of the VSee Mac client has been a monumental project for us, and I’d like to take some space to express thanks to our tireless Engineering team, including our Director of Engineering, Yuen-lin who writes:

“VSee Mac was an ambitious project spanning 8 months and involving the fundamental and massive work of going from one platform to two. By now, it contains the contributions of almost everyone in Engineering – the biggest team effort we have mounted thus far. Our sincere thanks to all whose work lies within this product.

In particular, I would like to recognize and express our deep gratitude for Torrey’s tireless work, leadership and constant positive spirit on this project. It’s safe to say that without him, there would be no VSee Mac today.”

I know there are others who deserve name recognition, but I’ll just mention our newest Mac team developers, Kevin and Glenn, who added much needed engineering power, but haven’t yet made it onto our “About Us” page.  As Torrey, Mac team lead, notes, this wasn’t just a Mac team effort, but was made possible “by everyone at VSee pitching in, finding bugs, giving advice, and helping in many other ways.”

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