VSee For USC School of Pharmacy

We were very excited to talk with the University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy last week and to learn how they are using VSee. They have been using VSee to broadcast lectures into an overflow room with three 65″ HDTVs. They have set it up with the video/lecturer in the center display and VSee’s versatile application-sharing sessions on either side. They are really happy with how it’s working for them 🙂

Here’s a picture courtesy of USC’s media support team.



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  • anne
    Raymond Kwok says:

    This is cool and I am wondering why it still takes us so long to appreciate the wonders of VSee for education;-)

  • anne
    Raymond Kwok says:

    If we can show case that USC students can vsee in from off campus is even more cool 😉
    As this is what we plan to introduce VSee to IHLs here in Singapore.
    Once we have cool deployment we will blog you 😉

  • anne
    anne says:

    Educational institutions generally have too many rules that need to be followed and too many people that need to be won over. Sigh.

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