VSee Announces Free Screen Sharing For Students

students on laptopsWe’re happy to announce unlimited free screen sharing for students!

We hope you’ve been taking advantage of VSee’s free group video calling for everyone. If you are a student you can now also get unlimited free screen share.  Just sign up for VSee using your .edu email as you VSee username.

VSee is a great video calling alternative to Skype and Google Hangouts for students who want to work together on projects and homework.  VSee screen share has live annotation that makes it simple to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on documents, and meet deadlines.  With free group video and one-click screen sharing, students can productively meet and work with each other whether they are on or off campus, at another institution, or on the other side of the world!

Use VSee to:

  • make group work easier
  • conduct research with people at other institutions
  • meet with distant advisors
  • be more social with virtual students

Initially developed at Stanford University, VSee is based on human factors research in virtual teamwork and video collaboration and is designed to make video conferencing and screen share fast, easy, and productive.

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photo courtesy: vancouverfilmschool via flickr

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