VSee Inspires The Himalayan Community

Last month Milton had a chance to tell VSee’s story to the Bay Area Nepali community and to show how it’s making a difference in developing countries.


Sujit Thapa reports:

“As part of its monthly ‘Kurakani’ series, on Thursday, June 30th, 2011, Computer Association of Nepal-USA (CAN-USA), organized an engaging and inspiring talk program with Dr. Milton Chen in Mountain View, California. This program was meant to create a lively exchange on the enabling role of VSee, a video collaboration software that makes remote work less lonely and more productive. The event was also meant to allow an interactive opportunity for the audience from the Bay Area Nepali Diaspora, to hear firsthand an inspiring story of the journey of a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur.”

“During this event, the audience, which comprised of professionals, entrepreneurs, and students from the Nepali community, gained keen insights into the amazing developments and possibilities of video collaboration technology. They were encouraged by VSee’s vision of making meaningful changes to society and the possible partnerships that could be made with VSee to make a positive impact on community endeavors both in Nepal and the Bay Area.  Dr. Chen is generously supporting the use of VSee for live broadcast during the upcoming Himalayan Youth Summit on August 20th, which is being organized by Sahayeta in collaboration with CAN-USA.”


About CAN-USA and the Networking Event: Since 2007, CAN-USA (www.CAN-USA.org), a 501c © (3) non-profit organization, committed to professional growth of its members, has been organizing a monthly “Kurakani” talk series to connect both professionals/ intellectuals and organizations throughout the US to share business leads and career change and enhancement efforts. It also advocates the technological progress of Nepal with a vision to utilize the creativity and talent of its members and the broader American community to develop technology-rich solutions to address some of challenges faced by developing nations like Nepal.


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