VSee For iPad Released In Apple App Store Today!

VSee iPad app is out in the Apple App Store today! You can get the free download here.

Humongous thanks to the VSee iOS team for their hard work, and thanks to our VSee fans for your patience 🙂

VSee iPad video conference

Move Over FaceTime

The long awaited VSee for iPad allows group video for up to 5 callers. Additional callers will be included as audio-only.  This initial release of VSee for iPad also includes private text chat.

Give VSee for iPad a try today, and tell us what you think!

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  • anne
    Sandro santoS says:

    Hi there,

    First, congrats for finally going mobile. I’ve long waited for this to come and I even, in time to time, was asking when. But come on guys no android? I mean Is that difficult to release for the two most used mobile OS, not to talk in Windows Phone and maybe others. I mean it’s kind of annoying, anyone everywhere just getting blind with the apple juice. But well, not the place exact place to say this. Anyway, just dying for a Vsee to my mobile. Please make it happen soon. And please don’t make it a poor version on android like the rest of the world…

    Huge fan, almost every day checking the blog waiting for this to happen.


    Sandro santoS

  • anne
    Marlon Cruz says:

    Hi Vsee team,

    Congratulations to this new milestone! We hope to see more great services from Vsee and we are looking forward for an iphone app (like gotomeeting) for attendees.

    More Power

  • anne
    Derrick says:

    Nice app, but please add Bluetooth support in a future version so that we can use Bluetooth headsets.

  • anne
    Adam says:

    +1 Bluetooth Headset support

    Bluetooth support and having an iPhone version (even if it doesn’t support all of the video/screen sharing features at first) are the only two features missing for me. By “having an iPhone version”, I mean make this a “Plus App” that works on iPad and iPhone. Bluetooth support is essential for the way I use VSee and/or competing Apps/services. Once I can use my iPhone to join a conference using a Bluetooth headset, I’ll be all set. Thank you.

  • anne
    Chris says:

    Just to say… don’t knock any developer for developing for iOS before Android. It usually does not make any sense to do it any other way. With 12 thousand different devices with different hardware and screen sizes, plus a wide variation of OS versions installed, Android is not nearly as developer-friendly as iOS. And that’s before you factor in the fact that Apple users are more likely to pay for things than Android. Developers have to earn a living.

    The sensible way is to iron out the niggles on iOS and then do Android. Sorry guys, but that is the reality of owning an Android device.

  • anne
    Joan Long says:

    Question: can you share documents with clients using IPad VSee ?

  • anne
    anne says:

    Hi Joan – due to technical limitations of the Apple iOS, VSee for iPad can receive and annotate on screen-shared applications, but it doesn’t allow sharing applications.

  • anne
    emni petro says:

    VSee gives you free 5-way group video calls, screen sharing, and instant messaging, with a clean interface. Use VSee for secure, low-bandwidth calls on 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks.

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