VSee is not just another desktop videoconferencing product – Elliot Gold

Anyone who has been in the videoconferencing business for any length of time knows Elliot Gold, proprietor of TeleSpan Publishing Corporation. In his own words, he has been “the authoritative source for teleconferencing news and analysis” for over 25 years. So it was with some trepidation that Tom and I gave him a demonstration of VSee yesterday. The man has seen every product and heard every claim. On the other hand, he long been predicting that simple desktop products one used every day would have more impact than elaborate room-based systems that one scheduled for the occasional meeting. He has also seen many products come and go, so hearing about who was using VSee was as important as seeing what it could do.

Elliot’s analysis, which you can read about in detail if you subscribe to his newsletter:

  • “VSee: Is it just another software-based desktop videoconferencing product? Well, the DoD and the CIA don’t seem to think so.”
  • Why would two veteran videoconferencing executives join VSee? – they see an opportunity in making  videoconferencing so easy to use that it gets used every day.
  • Milton Chen and his colleagues from Stanford founded the company with that same vision – and some technology they developed to make it practical.
  • VSee is achieved considerable traction in the Federal government by offering a product that was at once more secure and simpler to use and deploy than the competition.
  • VSee is now in the process of bringing those same benefits to the commercial marketplace.
In all, I would agree – our mission is to deliver person-to-person and small group communication and collaboration that is simple enough to be used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.
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