VSee New Release Version 3.3 – Audio and Chat Improvements

VSee api update release

This week, VSee released new versions for Windows, Mac, and Android. The iOS versions of this release will be coming soon.

Changes include:

All clients:

  • Improvements on audio and video:
    • Improved lip syncing
    • Improved video quality
    • Fixed video frame skipping
    • Improved automatic quality control for low bandwidth networks.
    • Saves remote user’s audio level if it was changed by the slider on remote video window.
  • Improved loading time for large contact lists
  • Fixed auto-login failures when credentials are saved.


  • Added support for sending images through chat.
  • Added support for dragging and dropping a new user to an existing group chat.
  • Improved UI appearance and scaling on high resolution.
  • Improved UI for starting group chat.
  • Added new menu for in-call group chats
  • Green VShare button may be moved horizontally.
  • Added option to delete chat history on chat window.
  • Fixed crashes on exit.


  • Added support for sending images through chat.
  • Fixed problem where showing extra shared area while using multiple monitors.
  • Fixed various chat UI issues and improvements on chat text.
  • Fixed chat bubbles on OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8.


  • New user interface.
  • Fixed various UI issues on split screen mode.
  • Added support for saving and sharing images received on chat.


  • Added support for saving and sharing images received on chat.
  • Fixed various coloring issues.


  • Fixed app share selection on Android Marshmallow.
  • Various fixes on the user interface for a better user experience.
  • Improved video views.
  • Fixed camera orientation issue on some Android devices.
  • Fixed crashes when starting or receiving a call.
  • Fixed issue with permissions on Android Marshmallow.
  • Improved video quality on rear camera.

Embedded VSee:

  • Display name instead of username on call history, statistics window, and remove user option on end call menu.
  • Removed green VShare button if screen share is disabled.

This release is not a required update and does not break compatibility with previous VSee clients.

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To see if you are on the latest version of VSee:

Windows  – Click the Help icon in the address book –>select “About VSee…” and see if it is the newest version. VSee will download the newest client for you (which will show as a checkmark in task tray icon). Simply restart the program to use the updated VSee.

Mac  – Click “VSee” top menu and choose “check for updates.”

Please contact VSee support team if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions!

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